Tai Pei Frozen Foods: NSAC 2017

Problem: Millennials are buying less frozen food.

Solution: Break the 'frozen food' stigma.


Our 26 page campaign book, if you're in to that sort of thing:

Upstream '17 Team

Strategists: Emma Pindell (Strategy Director), Benson WinkBen NealColleen CassRachel Benner

Creative Directors: Emily Leclerc and Tucker Stosic

Art Directors: Devyn HolbrookJasmine Tran, Kevin Camacho

Writers: Me, Tim FarahTalia Bootz 

Videographers: Kyra Bailey and Key Higdon

Media Planners: James McAndrew (Media Director), Hailey GellerEmma HymanEmily SaraleAshley GravesCailin Wolff